Why Join Us?

KVI provides Strategic, Competitive Advantages for its employees. If you are looking to begin a career in engineering or manufacturing, or advance your skills with top professionals in the field, KVI is the place for you.

What Do We Offer?

At KVI, we take pride in Developing & Empowering world class, manufacturing professionals, bridging the gap from impossible to possible.  We offer the resources needed to help our PEOPLE excel in their professions. Developmental opportunities are:  KVI Training Program, run by our Director of Training

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  • Additional on-going training opportunities, both online and onsite, year round, created by our KVI Legacy Team: The KVI Legacy Team is our highly experienced journeyman group that oversees and implements improvements to our training processes and documentation. We meet six times per year to define new training opportunities & discuss and resolve company issues, in efforts to provide the most effective training for all level employees.
  • KVI of the Future Program: A beneficial incentive for our millennial  generation employees. KVI of the Future is a professionally facilitated program that focuses training business issues and goals abd allows its members to provide insight into continual improvement opportunities within KVI to make their responsibilities flow smoother and better. Some specific topics addressed in this program are:
  • Methods to attract and retain millennial talent
  • Discuss advances in modern technology that KVI should be aware of/implement to keep up with competitors
  • Manufacturing business concepts to provide our employees the Tools For Success.

In addition to our in-depth training opportunities, we offer:

  • Competitive wages and benefit packages
  • A clean and environmentally controlled facility
  • A strong organizational culture, defined by our 19 KVI Keys for Success

We believe that exceptional quality begins with people. At KVI, we take great pride in our team, and always ensure we operate at the highest standards of integrity. We treat each other with respect and dignity, always valuing our differences. Our environment supports growth and learning for all KVI employees, across all levels.

We value our employees as individuals, recognizing their potential, creativity, and innovative abilities to achieve success at both a personal and company level. To ensure our employees’ voices are heard and valued, we provide:

  • Weekly KVI Keys Meetings
  • An Open Door Policy for all, guaranteed
  • Routine Employee Evaluations and Feedback of Performance

People Matter. Quality First. Integrity Always. If you are interested in learning more about KVI opportunities, please Contact Us for business inquiries

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