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Companies that engage KVI Aero are seeking a Aerospace manufacturing partner with the skills, knowledge and experience to handle their demanding requirements from prototype to volume production.

Because we truly care about each customer’s business results, we’ve built enduring relationships by understanding and anticipating their needs and providing the knowledge, experience and service to help them achieve their business goals.

At KVI Aero, we work with engineers in the Aerospace industry to bring their creative and challenging ideas to life in a cost effective manner. Keeping an eye on ease of manufacturing and speed to market… we help them beat the competition to the marketplace.

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KVI Aero 8 Step Execution.
Right the First Time.
Form, Fit, and Function.

An Aerospace Manufacturer with the Right Experience

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Make What We Promise.
Best in Class Performance.
Delivery: >99% & Quality: >99.7%

An Aerospace Manufacturer that is Reliable

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Over 30 Yrs Average Industry Experience per Employee.
Right Tools.
Industry Leaders Since 1977.

An Aerospace Manufacturer That You Can Trust

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